Ash Seth – Wolf

I made a song. It’s called “Wolf”. Hope you enjoy it. Share it if you believe in it. Peace, love, have a chill evening.

– AS

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August 1, Writerhead – Why I Write


Why I Write. Here’s why.

This scene is one of Will Smith’s highest achievements. It was all improvised. And he has a great relationship with his father. I think about that and it marvels me. How does someone give a performance like this without having gone through something like that? How is this just improvised? Some art is magical in how it mimics life. I saw this scene when I was very little. Fresh Prince had a lot of scenes that were very formative for me. This one felt like real life. This is the most powerful scene I’ve ever watched. Nothing has ever really come close. This scene reminds me of what the essence is of what I’m trying to do with my writing. It may all seem dark. It may all seem twisted and creepy and messed up. It may all seem like it’s a plot unfolding. But I’m honestly trying to get to the underlying humanity of why people are the way they are. That has always been my aim. Like Will Smith in this scene, the goal has always been to reach a cathartic depth that transcends the fact that you’re reading a book, a depth that all people can connect with even if they can’t, and to do so all with a crazy handful of nothing.

By Ashish Seth

If you can’t win her heart, win your’s back.

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July 24, The End


It’s like watching a movie with the lights on
You’re paying attention to the glare
You’re not paying attention
Pay attention to the glare
You’re not paying attention

I should’ve,
If I could
But I didn’t even do that
I could’ve done this
I should’ve done that
Maybe if I did those
Maybe if I did this
By now, I should be here
By then, I should’ve been there
Before that, I must’ve been there
After this, I hope to be here
When did I ever get here?
I had originally planned to get there
There must’ve been a mistake down the line
My hopes and fears are words on white paper
And someone crossed them with a line
Who crossed them with a line?
Were these dreams ever mine?
What if it was me that crossed them off?
What if I don’t want them anymore?
Why isn’t it full yet?
Why did I miss that?
When did I miss it?
Why did it pass me by?
Why didn’t the others warn me?
Maybe it happened differently
If this happened like this
Then why is it like that?
If only it went like that way
If only that way went like this
If this is the end
Have I even got there yet?
Maybe we passed it
Maybe you distracted me
Maybe I should’ve done this alone
Maybe I should’ve had someone else
Maybe we went the wrong way
Maybe we haven’t reached it
Maybe we don’t know what it looks like
Maybe I’m the only one who made it through
That can’t be true, no, I still have you
Maybe my hopes and fears didn’t shine through
Maybe I was ambushed
Maybe they left me
By then, I should’ve had this
By now, I should’ve been here
Maybe I’ve fallen behind
Maybe I’m ahead of my time
By now, I should’ve seen this
By now, I should have this
But I haven’t even done that yet
But I haven’t even been there yet
But I haven’t even felt this feeling
But I haven’t even seen this through
Maybe we will get there even now
Maybe we will get there even still

Baby can you pause the love?
Things take time for me to shake out
It’s like watching a movie with the lights on
Can’t help but pay attention to the glare

By Ashish Seth

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July 20, Life is Fragile

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the Colorado shooting.

By Ashish Seth


July 2, Heater


By Ashish Seth

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June 10, Jam Shred


Music is my refuge.

By Ashish Seth
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May 16, Introspective Pooch


At the dawn of summer
Rest in peace, Donna Summer

By Ashish Seth

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May 5, The Future Tense



Do, ’cause it’s hard to do. But doing is the right thing to do. When you’re doing, all possibilities are manifested in you. It’s not what can or can’t be through words but what is right now witnessed in action. For those who do, you’ll never feel like you wasted another day in your life. The future is an untamed horse you got held by the reins. Pull it back, control it.


Belief is a skill. A skill few people have these days. A will-full delusion is a powerful tool. Believe in your capacity to do. Trust it. And all other mistakes are just potholes in the road.

By Ashish Seth

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April 28, For You


The real winner chooses when he loses.

By Ashish Seth

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April 19, My Nephew is Cuter than Yours

This is the cutest guy I know. When days are crappy, I look at this picture and feel better because I know that somewhere this guy’s having the time of his life, being spoon fed, crapping in diapers while rolling down the stairs, throwing tantrums, throwing spaghetti at his mother, pulling at his sister’s hair, dreaming he’s Lightning Mcqueen and it’s all green ahead, damn I love you little guy!

By the way, I’m part of a writing group made up of some of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. I think y’all should check out their blogs and work.

Jody Aberdeen – One of the most quotable people I’ve met. You may think he’s a teddy bear but he’s the most baddest motherfucker this side of Oakville.

Lucianna See – Check out her new serial novel “The 50 Yard Line”. She knows me like the back of her hand so I have a tough time surprising her with anything :).

Manda Lee – Sacre-Bleu! It’s Manda Lee!

Katie Mitton – She needs a website… 😦

By Ashish Seth