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A Long Hiatus (Jan 23rd)

Convergence – Jody Aberdeen

Mommy’s Little Playgroup – Lucianna LiSacchi

You may have noticed activity dropped on this blog from mid September until, well, now. At the time I was completing a teaching assignment at Louise Arbour Secondary School, an assignment with a very heavy  workload. In order to focus on the students, I had to stop productivity on this blog and my creative work. However, the teaching assignment was a lot of fun and a very rewarding and creative experience. I taught English and Global Studies. I designed some really cool assignments and activities. Best of all, I had some of the best students a teacher could want and I probably won’t be forgetting that experience until dementia hits at age eighty. I am now restarting this blog with a renewed perspective. Those students inspired me with the hope they saw in their future. This is going to be a great year because I plan on putting out a lot of new content in the fields of writing, music, photography and film.

So let’s get to business. First the blog has a new look, as you can already see.


On February 1st, my writer’s guild, Toronto Wordslingers, is having our first ever book launch, An Evening of Sex and Romance. This event will be happening at the Arta Gallery, in Toronto. It will commence at 7PM and tickets are on sale in various packages at this link here. The event will be celebrating the launches of debut novels by writers Jody Aberdeen and Lucianna LiSacchi. With a $50 purchase, you get admission for one and both books. With an $80 purchase, you get admission for two and two copies of both books.

In order to promote the event, I decided to use my film production skills and create two trailers for their books. Watch them above. If you’d like to simply purchase these books, there are links below.

Jody Aberdeen – Convergence PAPERBACK

Jody Aberdeen – Convergence eBook

Lucianna LiSacchi – Mommy’s Little Playgroup PAPERBACK

Lucianna LiSacchi – Mommy’s Little Playgroup eBook



July 7, Breakthrough


By Ashish Seth

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April 19, My Nephew is Cuter than Yours

This is the cutest guy I know. When days are crappy, I look at this picture and feel better because I know that somewhere this guy’s having the time of his life, being spoon fed, crapping in diapers while rolling down the stairs, throwing tantrums, throwing spaghetti at his mother, pulling at his sister’s hair, dreaming he’s Lightning Mcqueen and it’s all green ahead, damn I love you little guy!

By the way, I’m part of a writing group made up of some of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. I think y’all should check out their blogs and work.

Jody Aberdeen – One of the most quotable people I’ve met. You may think he’s a teddy bear but he’s the most baddest motherfucker this side of Oakville.

Lucianna See – Check out her new serial novel “The 50 Yard Line”. She knows me like the back of her hand so I have a tough time surprising her with anything :).

Manda Lee – Sacre-Bleu! It’s Manda Lee!

Katie Mitton – She needs a website… 😦

By Ashish Seth

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April 16, The Hand That Feeds

Set to Baths’ Lovely Bloodflow

“Don’t we aim with your eyes and kill with our hearts using six-shooters made of ink?” – Jody Aberdeen on writing

Music Selection by Nisha Gandhi
By Ashish Seth