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May 28, Golden Cat (Oil)


My mother hung a bird feeder under a tree at the front of my house and inadvertently created a destructive ecosystem. This cat sits on my neighbor’s front steps watching the tree. On that tree hangs the bird feeder. Since the bird feeder’s inception, bird nests started to appear on the top branches of the tree. In those nests are chicks and eggs. The cat appeared shortly after. In the mornings she comes, her mouth salivating as she watches those nests. And as I come out to leave for work, I notice my Honda Accord’s windows drool with caramel creamy bird shit. I look at that cat sitting there. It looks at me and I know we have an agreement. Kill those motherfuckers!

By Ashish Seth

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

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May 16, Introspective Pooch


At the dawn of summer
Rest in peace, Donna Summer

By Ashish Seth