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Ash Seth – REMdemption Reproach

The new song: REMdemption Reproach

Additional production and mastering by Rajen Mistry

Naught’s had, all’s spent,
Where our desire is got without content.
‘Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.
To bed, to bed! there’s a knocking at the gate:
come, come, come, come, give me your hand. What’s
done cannot be undone. — To bed, to bed, to bed!

– AS

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Ash Seth – The Great Impression

The sounds of young expectation and a paranoid desperation, anxiety ridden, fear bitten, smitten with an infectious idea that the world’s meant for your satisfaction. “You’re special. You were born to do great things.” The great impression imprints on you forever and eventually you can’t remember if you read that on a postcard, a quote of the day on a Facebook page, or if your mother and father whispered swift encouragement in your ears after every fall from grace. Yet all the kids at schools had flaws except you. You believed it, cherished it, developed it, turned every ounce of your finite being into infinite potential. Apex. Apex. Apex. But the world’s opening up and your childhood days are gone, shoved out onto the lawn where you can no longer play. You don’t want to but you already miss it. You linger around the garage and the wind hits you and no longer do the walls shutter. Your chest inflates, cold air, exhale. Are you up to the challenge? The only way to meet the coming hardships is to face them with a confident determination, even if the spirit isn’t there. But you have no patience and all of a sudden, the skills you believed you were born with aren’t there. And it’s a false determination that fails at the first sign of criticism, that has underneath it a fragile yoke of a weak will that takes offensive at the slightest startle. The trials and tribulations of a man who’s been told “the world is yours” by parents, Scarface, Nas, but you’re just someone somewhere somehow shouting in a crowd of other people shouting. And you’re suddenly thrown into the hustle and bustle of the busy life, briefcase and clean briefs under pantsuits and dress shirts with ties and expectations, paranoid desperation, lego blocks and ticking clocks with times running out and the creeping fear and paranoia that you don’t really got what they bought you for.

And childhood is timeless because it echoes in nostalgia for an eternity in your adult soul.

This song is about a person who grows up believing he’s special, then goes out into the world and realizes he’s just as special as everyone else. That everyone is told the same thing. That the belief is a lie.

– AS

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Ash Seth – Stairway to Yesterday

The new song by Ashish Seth. Track visual art by artist Oryan Semprie.



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Visual Art by Oryan Semprie

Thank you for listening…

Ash Seth

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Ash Seth – Space Opera

Space Opera Covers

Cover # 1


Space Opera Cover # 2

space opera image

Space Opera Cover # 3


– AS


Ash Seth – Wolf

I made a song. It’s called “Wolf”. Hope you enjoy it. Share it if you believe in it. Peace, love, have a chill evening.

– AS


Sept 3, Earth


Eye of the World.

By Ashish Seth

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July 17, Total Recall


A spoon in ecstasy in a futuristic pressure cooker. In what reality would a spoon be covered from top to bottom in that much food? Total Recall.

By Ashish Seth

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June 21, The Truth Will Mess You Up


The truth will set you free.
The truth will tear us apart.
The truth will mess you up.
The truth will change your heart.

Ignorance alleviates what truth cuts open.
This cave of shadows is much easier to take.
What was it that you just said?
I can’t help I’m endlessly curious.

What do you use your third eye for?
To trip and fall off balance.
I knew it.
We knew it.

You should’ve stopped.
You really messed up this time.
You didn’t get the message.
Nothing here to leverage.
You messed up everything.
You messed up everything.
You messed up everything.
I hope the taper forgives me as we fall.

By Ashish Seth


March 17, Fire Route

By Ashish Seth


Feb 27, Scales



“The best cure for depression is unapologetic creation.”

By Ashish Seth