My buddy Manny’s new blog on the team Chelsea is very informative on the soccer giants. I found this piece on Lampard’s future on the team quite interesting. Does Lampard need Chelsea more than Chelsea need Lampard?


Blue is the Colour - Chelsea FC

He wants to stay at Chelsea, the fans also want him to stay. There have been no talks from the club board members. The question to be asked: Does Lampard need Chelsea more than Chelsea need Lampard?

The rumours that Chelsea are willing to open talks with Frank Lampard has seen social media platforms ablaze with discussion over the veteran potentially extending his stay at Stamford Bridge. Ever since the news was broken by the Daily Mail, tongues have been wagging and keyboards have been tapping. Though the club itself have not commented on speculation regarding transfers or contract negotiations.

Nevertheless, it has seen a debate rage over the reasons behind this apparent change of heart by the Blues hierarchy just weeks after the player was informed that he would not be offered a new deal and could search for employment elsewhere. The most visible of those debates…

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Staying or Going?

Staying or Going?.