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Jan 4th, Beautiful Future

Sometime in November. I found myself on a boardwalk. I looked out towards the lake. Smokestacks in the distance puffed a gas. That gas became the clouds. Those clouds became the gas. That were the clouds. That were the gas. That seeped into the stacks. That smoked the horizon dense and black. Don’t know where they came from, don’t know where they started. I was feeding birds a few hours ago. They flew away.

“No matter how much we mess with nature, it’ll always be beautiful. And we’ll be dead.”

– AS

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August 17, The Black Road


It’s like I woke up to a nightmare I wrote about.

I’m really not feeling good. Maybe human nature isn’t flawed. Maybe human nature is perfect and we just don’t like it.

All this violence this summer. It may be fueled by the actions of ignorant men. But even if you’re a good person, it still puts hate in your heart.

By Ashish Seth

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July 31, Scatter Plot


Wherever we have to go we don’t want to go.
Wherever we want to go we aren’t welcome.
Wherever we end up we work to accept.
Wherever we are we never want to leave again.
Lost paradigms lie in sweet nostalgia.
We put in the work and the time.
We never miss the bad parts whenever we think back.
We always live the bad parts whenever we go back again.
Your posterity lacks good posture.
You’ve been down this road before.
Do you ever think the gravel will turn to paved road?
You’re like that scatter plot graph
Where the curvy line never reaches a point.
The closer you get, the older you get.
There’s no end to this trek but death.
But maybe we aren’t meant to reach a point.
Maybe there really is no end to this road.
If we believe the end isn’t meant to be reached,
We will always have a place to go.

By Ashish Seth

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May 5, The Future Tense



Do, ’cause it’s hard to do. But doing is the right thing to do. When you’re doing, all possibilities are manifested in you. It’s not what can or can’t be through words but what is right now witnessed in action. For those who do, you’ll never feel like you wasted another day in your life. The future is an untamed horse you got held by the reins. Pull it back, control it.


Belief is a skill. A skill few people have these days. A will-full delusion is a powerful tool. Believe in your capacity to do. Trust it. And all other mistakes are just potholes in the road.

By Ashish Seth

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April 11, For Science

We do this for science.

Seth y Rulli. An EP of music from us coming soon.

By Ashish Seth

“Don’t set examples. Set benchmarks.”