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August 17, The Black Road


It’s like I woke up to a nightmare I wrote about.

I’m really not feeling good. Maybe human nature isn’t flawed. Maybe human nature is perfect and we just don’t like it.

All this violence this summer. It may be fueled by the actions of ignorant men. But even if you’re a good person, it still puts hate in your heart.

By Ashish Seth

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August 1, Writerhead – Why I Write


Why I Write. Here’s why.

This scene is one of Will Smith’s highest achievements. It was all improvised. And he has a great relationship with his father. I think about that and it marvels me. How does someone give a performance like this without having gone through something like that? How is this just improvised? Some art is magical in how it mimics life. I saw this scene when I was very little. Fresh Prince had a lot of scenes that were very formative for me. This one felt like real life. This is the most powerful scene I’ve ever watched. Nothing has ever really come close. This scene reminds me of what the essence is of what I’m trying to do with my writing. It may all seem dark. It may all seem twisted and creepy and messed up. It may all seem like it’s a plot unfolding. But I’m honestly trying to get to the underlying humanity of why people are the way they are. That has always been my aim. Like Will Smith in this scene, the goal has always been to reach a cathartic depth that transcends the fact that you’re reading a book, a depth that all people can connect with even if they can’t, and to do so all with a crazy handful of nothing.

By Ashish Seth

If you can’t win her heart, win your’s back.

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June 5, Black Hole


I grew up with my mother’s belief that men were inherently good but I have been fighting my father’s inherently bad men my whole life.

Now I realize, there are no absolutes. You can’t be just good or just bad. You choose who to be good to and who to be bad to. You are someone’s supreme angel and another’s debilitating asshole. You birth life and suck it away. You gotta get used to doing both. Life gets boring if you’re doing only one.

By Ashish Seth

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Feb 15, On Human Nature

Some people just want to be told they’re right.