Jan 3, Chicago in the Air

Chicago in the Air


A photograph of Chicago from the window seat of an Air Canada Express plane en route to Toronto. Before this photo, I had a better view but the stewardess had asked us to turn our phones off before lift off. When I realized the view outside my window, I pulled my phone out and turned it on and the longer it took to turn on, the further away the city got from my view. This photo is what I managed. But let me tell you, it was 10x more beautiful when I was directly above the whole peninsula.

If you look closely, on the bottom right, where the lights get dimmer and sparser, where the darkness almost blends into the lake, in that splotch stand the tall buildings of downtown Chicago. As we drew further, the plane was shaking in the rough winds of the air, almost as if the beauty of the city was trying to attract us back to it, a gravitational pull founded solely on the aesthetic and majestic allure of the city.


– AS



Jan 2, Chicago Winter

Chicago Winters

I know I missed Jan 1st but the pressure was rising on making this new year important. Plus, I’m currently in Chicago and New Year’s Eve I got completely faded, passing out in the orange glow of my brother’s apartment. But I’m back and I’ll be pretty consistent this year. I snapped this Thursday Afternoon, Jan 2nd. It’s been snowing nonstop and I hear back home in Toronto, the temperature’s are dropping lower then expected. My dad couldn’t get the van out the driveway, not because the snow clogged the car in place but the cold kept the doors in a tentative lock. This winter’s been chaotic, unprecedented and decaying.

I’ll make it quick and if you’re still reading this, you must be a family member.

I’ll be recommencing my photo/ post per day. I got an album of music in the post production stages. It was completed in the first week off of Christmas holidays. Stay tuned. Lots to come this 2014, new fiction, new writing, new music, new photography. The start of a fresh new year. Let’s hope it stays fresh the whole year.

Peace and satisfaction, wherever you are, I’m coming.

– AS

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Ash Seth – The Great Impression

The sounds of young expectation and a paranoid desperation, anxiety ridden, fear bitten, smitten with an infectious idea that the world’s meant for your satisfaction. “You’re special. You were born to do great things.” The great impression imprints on you forever and eventually you can’t remember if you read that on a postcard, a quote of the day on a Facebook page, or if your mother and father whispered swift encouragement in your ears after every fall from grace. Yet all the kids at schools had flaws except you. You believed it, cherished it, developed it, turned every ounce of your finite being into infinite potential. Apex. Apex. Apex. But the world’s opening up and your childhood days are gone, shoved out onto the lawn where you can no longer play. You don’t want to but you already miss it. You linger around the garage and the wind hits you and no longer do the walls shutter. Your chest inflates, cold air, exhale. Are you up to the challenge? The only way to meet the coming hardships is to face them with a confident determination, even if the spirit isn’t there. But you have no patience and all of a sudden, the skills you believed you were born with aren’t there. And it’s a false determination that fails at the first sign of criticism, that has underneath it a fragile yoke of a weak will that takes offensive at the slightest startle. The trials and tribulations of a man who’s been told “the world is yours” by parents, Scarface, Nas, but you’re just someone somewhere somehow shouting in a crowd of other people shouting. And you’re suddenly thrown into the hustle and bustle of the busy life, briefcase and clean briefs under pantsuits and dress shirts with ties and expectations, paranoid desperation, lego blocks and ticking clocks with times running out and the creeping fear and paranoia that you don’t really got what they bought you for.

And childhood is timeless because it echoes in nostalgia for an eternity in your adult soul.

This song is about a person who grows up believing he’s special, then goes out into the world and realizes he’s just as special as everyone else. That everyone is told the same thing. That the belief is a lie.

– AS

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July 18, Three Stooges, Music, Credibility and Obscurity

July 18, Three Stooges, Ashish Seth

Music, Credibility and Obscurity
By Ashish Seth

Often times famous musicians will make put out DJ mixes or advertise their current playlist. Are these mixes an attempt to demonstrate a highly unique musical taste, an attempt to bolster a reputation and gain respect? Is good musical taste simply having a playlist that doesn’t look like anyone else’s? Is good taste in music simply having a playlist no one can recognize? Why is musical credibility found in how deep you dig the crates of musical obscurity?

It’s an assumption that when we pick up a DJ mix from a celebrated musician, we’re expecting songs by artists that very few people know. Apparently the skill in crafting unique mixes is supposed to show the listener that the artist’s taste in music is far superior, that they are on the frontier of music and so you should listen to them. A DJ mix becomes a badge of street cred, a ritual demonstration, a routine check up at the credibility doctor, a document to the genre that says “I know my shit!”

But however pretentious the listeners are in their conception of the producer’s intent on creating such mixes, I think DJ mixes are attempts at documenting the musical psyche, the mental space where all the inspiration and creativity takes place. A DJ mix or playlist is the sound of the artist’s head: if these are the songs that inspire the artist to create, we know where his head’s at when he’s walking the streets, doing his groceries, picking up kids from work, etc and so forth. I implore all listeners to stop buying into the illusion of bestowing indie cred or making bold statements about a musician’s musical taste based on the uniqueness of the mix. Some of the greatest songs may have been inspired from the most obvious places. Instead, a DJ mix or playlist is a document of the artist’s personality: the songs chosen are just how deep the artist had to dig the crates in the musical wilderness to find himself. If anything, it says something about his persistence to be himself.

By Ashish Seth

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June 25, Someone’s Listening In


A detail of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks

Horns bust out the speakers
Someone croons out his misery
Some come here for company
Others chase foolish dreams
Are a pen and a pad all you need?
Maybe that’s why you came here hungry
Old bread and condiments
Coffee stains on white plates
Sugar shakers and ketchup bottles
A cup of coffee at this hour
Brings out my inner night owl
I see people as they are
At night they take their masks off
Let their secrets breathe out
But the sharks still watch

Their love leaves holes
Like an attic filled with old clothes
A basket filled with lonely notes
A spleen punctured with shotgun holes
My pen moves faster than their men in trench coats
Who keep their eyes on patrol
Confiscating ideas writ on post-it notes
Into metal empty drawers

I always have the last word
I never the last laugh
I always want people to hear me talk
But I never let them know what it’s all about
I always have something to say
But never do I have a moment to say it

Maybe it’s the way she smiles
Makes the ribs pinch the walls of my stomach
It’s so loud when it gets all quiet
You’re always reading yesterday’s news
Maybe she’ll come around
Don’t presume to know what you don’t
Don’t be modest
It’s dishonest
We all know what you really are
She is the steam that rises from a coffee cup
The caffeine taken black pooling in my stomach
A cup of her at this late hour
Brings out my night owl

I’m waiting on a train
Last one came an hour late
I’m just a pen and a pad of ideas
The last one came a two hours late

By Ashish Seth

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May 2, Dillinger


A game is only as fun as how often you win at it and how much that win means to you.

By Ashish Seth

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April 30, Cafe Capone


Cute dates: Uncle Ben and Aunt Jemima. Ronald McDonald and Wendy… Walter White and Nancy Botwin. Icebreaker: Are you familiar with my product?

By Ashish Seth


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April 28, For You


The real winner chooses when he loses.

By Ashish Seth

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April 25, The Wuf [Soundtrack]

The Wuf: A Soundtrack to an Unmade Movie
Directed by Ashish Seth

Tell a story with ten songs.

Genre: Spaghetti Western

Plot: In the midst of American Western Expansion, a young Algonquin man sees his people cheated, robbed and killed. In response, he becomes a masked vigilante and hunts down any who encroach his people’s lands. Using brutal methods passed down by the ancestors, he becomes a legend known to all as the Wuf, a symbol of hope and fear. As his legend and notoriety grows, a former sheriff gets together four cowboys and a playwright in order to write and perform a play about the Wuf in the new establishment of Elsmire, Illinois, his goal, to lure the Wuf into town and bring him to justice for the murder of his wife and children.

Soundtrack Playlist <– Click here to listen.

1. A Tribe Called Red – electric pow wow drum
2. Blur – Caravan
3. Portishead – Cowboys
4. Gonjasufi – Ancestors
5. Jose Gonzalez – Far Away
6. Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit
7. Tricky – Keep Your Mouth Shut
8. Eskmo – Cloudlight
9. Burial – Forgive
10. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Revenge (feat. The Flaming Lips)

By Ashish Seth

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April 24, Moral Event Horizon

A detail of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Ivan Albright, found at the Art Institute of Chicago. A Moral Event Horizon is a line that a person or character crosses that makes them irredeemably evil.

If all good things come in threes, then why is there only a DUALITY of man?

By Ashish Seth