My first album “Firstborn” is now LIVE!

I made an album. It’s called “Firstborn” and it is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services. I hope you enjoy it. It’s best listened with headphones and a mindset to go on a journey ;). And it’s FREE. I hope it offers peace and solace in these difficult times.

I’ve heard it’s bad form to preamble your work before it’s consumed. Oh well.

This album’s track listing is constructed as a story, an old school concept album if you will. I won’t give it away but I guess the story of this album is kind of like the story of its making. I started work on this album in 2013 during a difficult time and finished it in 2015; then I shelved it for five years with all my insecurities and fears. 2020 has come around, and with all that it has brought, I decided to dig the album out and give it a listen. In 2020, I can no longer hear the process or the imperfections or remember where some of the sounds or samples came from. Time has made it new. The only thing I hear now is an old version of myself dealing with his insecurities and fears. In song. I owe it to him now to release it into the universe and move on. So, here it is. Maybe you hear yourself in it too.

This album could not be possible without a little help from my friends. Thank you so much @Matthew Rulli, @Rajen Mistry, @Hemant Badya, and @Andrew Nguyen.

Spread the word. Stay safe, stay healthy. And enjoy.


Ashish Seth

Where can I get it?

It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services everywhere.

You can also download it for FREE off DO NOT buy it anywhere if you’re ever prompted to. It’ll always be FREE. Of course, you could also pay what you want when prompted on Bandcamp if you want to support the music.

To stream it on Spotify, click here –>

To stream it on Apple Music, click here –>

To listen and/or download MP3 or high-quality WAV files, please go to bandcamp here –>


  1. Doctory
  2. Space Opera
  3. Dreamcatcher
  4. Unrequited
  5. It Just Is
  6. Aum (featuring Hemant Badya)
  7. Talk the Walk
  8. Somehow
  9. Stairway
  10. Summer
  11. Give Up
  12. My Own Church


Ashish Seth – samples, synths, guitars, FX, drum machines, concept, production, photography, cover design

Rajen Mistry (backpackstudio) – mastering and additional production

Hemant Badya – lead vocals on “Aum”

Matthew Rulli – backing vocals on “Dreamcatcher”

Andrew Nguyen – additional work on cover design

Thank yous

Kinshuk, Mom, Dad, Abhi, Swati, the whole family, Hemant, Matthew, Andrew, the 905 crew, the Milton Fam, Jessy N (we made some gems that will see the light), all the early listeners, and all the artists who made the music that inspired (and was sampled on) this record.


Electronic –> trip hop, deep house, experimental

Hip Hop –> instrumental hip hop, sample based hip hop, sampledelia

Shoegaze –> Chillwave

Potential Playlists (If you like these on Spotify, you make like this)

  • Trip Hop
  • Instrumental Study
  • Electronic Concentration
  • Chilled cow


Thank you for listening,

Ashish Seth

Music Photography Poetry Writing

April 11, Oh Well 1.1


This week’s playlist is called “Oh Well”. It’s made up of new and old artists, mixing genres, blending sounds, brought together with a chill lounge vibe, all coalescing together to give off the impression… Better luck next time. 

This is accompanied by a poem titled “Oh Well”. 

Click here for this week’s playlist. Oh Well 1.1

Oh Well By: Ashish Seth

A broken umbrella in a monsoon drizzle 

Cold coffee and a bowl of soggy cereal

Oh well

Rain dumping buckets of double entendres on your head

A forced feeling of surprise to get a reaction from a friend

Oh well

The highlight of the day a vague sigh in a bed 

That report was nothing to brag about but you milked it anyway

Oh well

Single serving quotes on Instagram posts 

Cars broken down with the motors still running 

And single serving K cups of caffeine jolts 

Sped up sirens and sleepless nights hoping

You never really had a chance

Oh well

The chances had you is the story you tell

Oh well

Oh well

Oh well
Ashish Seth

Art Music

Ash Seth – REMdemption Reproach

The new song: REMdemption Reproach

Additional production and mastering by Rajen Mistry

Naught’s had, all’s spent,
Where our desire is got without content.
‘Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.
To bed, to bed! there’s a knocking at the gate:
come, come, come, come, give me your hand. What’s
done cannot be undone. — To bed, to bed, to bed!

– AS

Art Music Vignette Writing

Ash Seth – The Great Impression

The sounds of young expectation and a paranoid desperation, anxiety ridden, fear bitten, smitten with an infectious idea that the world’s meant for your satisfaction. “You’re special. You were born to do great things.” The great impression imprints on you forever and eventually you can’t remember if you read that on a postcard, a quote of the day on a Facebook page, or if your mother and father whispered swift encouragement in your ears after every fall from grace. Yet all the kids at schools had flaws except you. You believed it, cherished it, developed it, turned every ounce of your finite being into infinite potential. Apex. Apex. Apex. But the world’s opening up and your childhood days are gone, shoved out onto the lawn where you can no longer play. You don’t want to but you already miss it. You linger around the garage and the wind hits you and no longer do the walls shutter. Your chest inflates, cold air, exhale. Are you up to the challenge? The only way to meet the coming hardships is to face them with a confident determination, even if the spirit isn’t there. But you have no patience and all of a sudden, the skills you believed you were born with aren’t there. And it’s a false determination that fails at the first sign of criticism, that has underneath it a fragile yoke of a weak will that takes offensive at the slightest startle. The trials and tribulations of a man who’s been told “the world is yours” by parents, Scarface, Nas, but you’re just someone somewhere somehow shouting in a crowd of other people shouting. And you’re suddenly thrown into the hustle and bustle of the busy life, briefcase and clean briefs under pantsuits and dress shirts with ties and expectations, paranoid desperation, lego blocks and ticking clocks with times running out and the creeping fear and paranoia that you don’t really got what they bought you for.

And childhood is timeless because it echoes in nostalgia for an eternity in your adult soul.

This song is about a person who grows up believing he’s special, then goes out into the world and realizes he’s just as special as everyone else. That everyone is told the same thing. That the belief is a lie.

– AS

Art Music

Ash Seth – Stairway to Yesterday

The new song by Ashish Seth. Track visual art by artist Oryan Semprie.



For my information on music and other projects, check out:


Visual Art by Oryan Semprie

Thank you for listening…

Ash Seth

Music Photography

Ash Seth – Space Opera

Space Opera Covers

Cover # 1


Space Opera Cover # 2

space opera image

Space Opera Cover # 3


– AS


Ash Seth – Shake Hands with the Devil

A track to contemplate the willingness of men and women to do bad things for the sake of self-interest and in the midst of impending and desperate circumstances. Choices that change, choices from which one does not return fully.

– AS


Ash Seth – Paranoid

A track called Paranoid. It was originally made in 2011.

– AS


Ash Seth – Wolf

I made a song. It’s called “Wolf”. Hope you enjoy it. Share it if you believe in it. Peace, love, have a chill evening.

– AS


Ash Seth – Mushroom Kingdom

A track to spark the nostalgia of playing Super Mario Bros. on Super Nintendo in the 1990s. Take a trip back and enjoy.