Jan 2, Chicago Winter

Chicago Winters

I know I missed Jan 1st but the pressure was rising on making this new year important. Plus, I’m currently in Chicago and New Year’s Eve I got completely faded, passing out in the orange glow of my brother’s apartment. But I’m back and I’ll be pretty consistent this year. I snapped this Thursday Afternoon, Jan 2nd. It’s been snowing nonstop and I hear back home in Toronto, the temperature’s are dropping lower then expected. My dad couldn’t get the van out the driveway, not because the snow clogged the car in place but the cold kept the doors in a tentative lock. This winter’s been chaotic, unprecedented and decaying.

I’ll make it quick and if you’re still reading this, you must be a family member.

I’ll be recommencing my photo/ post per day. I got an album of music in the post production stages. It was completed in the first week off of Christmas holidays. Stay tuned. Lots to come this 2014, new fiction, new writing, new music, new photography. The start of a fresh new year. Let’s hope it stays fresh the whole year.

Peace and satisfaction, wherever you are, I’m coming.

– AS

Art Music

Ash Seth – REMdemption Reproach

The new song: REMdemption Reproach

Additional production and mastering by Rajen Mistry

Naught’s had, all’s spent,
Where our desire is got without content.
‘Tis safer to be that which we destroy
Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy.
To bed, to bed! there’s a knocking at the gate:
come, come, come, come, give me your hand. What’s
done cannot be undone. — To bed, to bed, to bed!

– AS

Art Music

Ash Seth – Stairway to Yesterday

The new song by Ashish Seth. Track visual art by artist Oryan Semprie.



For my information on music and other projects, check out:


Visual Art by Oryan Semprie

Thank you for listening…

Ash Seth

Music Photography

Ash Seth – Space Opera

Space Opera Covers

Cover # 1


Space Opera Cover # 2

space opera image

Space Opera Cover # 3


– AS


Ash Seth – Paranoid

A track called Paranoid. It was originally made in 2011.

– AS


Ash Seth – Wolf

I made a song. It’s called “Wolf”. Hope you enjoy it. Share it if you believe in it. Peace, love, have a chill evening.

– AS


Ash Seth – Mushroom Kingdom

A track to spark the nostalgia of playing Super Mario Bros. on Super Nintendo in the 1990s. Take a trip back and enjoy.



Ash Seth – Dreamcatcher

Here’s the track I produced in New York and promised at the end of my two parter articles about New York. Please share it if you like it. An EP music will be released this year on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and other music distribution websites. Expect a release near the end of 2013.

– AS

An Evening of Sex and Romance Film Wordslingers Writing

A Long Hiatus (Jan 23rd)

Convergence – Jody Aberdeen

Mommy’s Little Playgroup – Lucianna LiSacchi

You may have noticed activity dropped on this blog from mid September until, well, now. At the time I was completing a teaching assignment at Louise Arbour Secondary School, an assignment with a very heavy  workload. In order to focus on the students, I had to stop productivity on this blog and my creative work. However, the teaching assignment was a lot of fun and a very rewarding and creative experience. I taught English and Global Studies. I designed some really cool assignments and activities. Best of all, I had some of the best students a teacher could want and I probably won’t be forgetting that experience until dementia hits at age eighty. I am now restarting this blog with a renewed perspective. Those students inspired me with the hope they saw in their future. This is going to be a great year because I plan on putting out a lot of new content in the fields of writing, music, photography and film.

So let’s get to business. First the blog has a new look, as you can already see.


On February 1st, my writer’s guild, Toronto Wordslingers, is having our first ever book launch, An Evening of Sex and Romance. This event will be happening at the Arta Gallery, in Toronto. It will commence at 7PM and tickets are on sale in various packages at this link here. The event will be celebrating the launches of debut novels by writers Jody Aberdeen and Lucianna LiSacchi. With a $50 purchase, you get admission for one and both books. With an $80 purchase, you get admission for two and two copies of both books.

In order to promote the event, I decided to use my film production skills and create two trailers for their books. Watch them above. If you’d like to simply purchase these books, there are links below.

Jody Aberdeen – Convergence PAPERBACK

Jody Aberdeen – Convergence eBook

Lucianna LiSacchi – Mommy’s Little Playgroup PAPERBACK

Lucianna LiSacchi – Mommy’s Little Playgroup eBook



August 11, Aspirations

You regret not following your dreams and you want a shoulder to cry on. Well, you look real silly crying about nothing.

By Ashish Seth