About Me

I write, I produce, I direct, I shoot, I teach, I love, I live.

My name is Ashish Seth. I am a writer, teacher and music producer hailing from Mississauga, ON, Canada. I also do film and photography. All my life I’ve struggled to be purely driven by my passions and although the realities of life have led me a stray, I remain optimistic that I will accomplish my dreams and visions by life’s end. I pursue the writing craft in fiction, poetry and non-fiction journalistic articles. My most recent work has been published on The NRI, a website blogging current topics for Indians. I have also published similar Indian-oriented articles for Kuchbatao.com. I run a hip hop blog called Word is Born (www.thewisb.com) which profiles South Asian hip hop artists emerging around the world. By the age of 21, I completed my goal of publishing my first book: Come on Baby Take a Chance With Us: Issues in Psilocybin Mushroom Use, is a book of science writing devoted to psilocybin mushrooms. It was published by Toronto publisher Life Rattle Press. Articles from this book and another article of environment writing have since been published in coursebooks currently used for Science Writing courses at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. I am a graduate of the University of Toronto and currently make my living as an occasional teacher of English and Politics for the Peel Board of Education in Ontario. I took to music production during my time at the University and so far have produced two EPs and a handful of tracks online.

Check out my work below:

Writing –> http://www.the-nri.com/index.php/author/ashish-seth/ Music –> http://soundcloud.com/mustardapple
Twitter –> http://twitter.com/theashishseth

Adapted from http://about.me/ashishseth

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