Jan 2, Chicago Winter

Chicago Winters

I know I missed Jan 1st but the pressure was rising on making this new year important. Plus, I’m currently in Chicago and New Year’s Eve I got completely faded, passing out in the orange glow of my brother’s apartment. But I’m back and I’ll be pretty consistent this year. I snapped this Thursday Afternoon, Jan 2nd. It’s been snowing nonstop and I hear back home in Toronto, the temperature’s are dropping lower then expected. My dad couldn’t get the van out the driveway, not because the snow clogged the car in place but the cold kept the doors in a tentative lock. This winter’s been chaotic, unprecedented and decaying.

I’ll make it quick and if you’re still reading this, you must be a family member.

I’ll be recommencing my photo/ post per day. I got an album of music in the post production stages. It was completed in the first week off of Christmas holidays. Stay tuned. Lots to come this 2014, new fiction, new writing, new music, new photography. The start of a fresh new year. Let’s hope it stays fresh the whole year.

Peace and satisfaction, wherever you are, I’m coming.

– AS


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