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– AS

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July 28, The Main


The main is a stream we all drink from
But some of us drink more than others
And the ones that drink less tell
The ones that drink more they’re drunk.

But we all require the same amount of drink
So the ones that drink less get drunk off other streams
And don’t know they’re drunk
Until they return to drink from the main,
once again.

By Ashish Seth


June 15, Monster Killing


By Ashish Seth

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April 3, The Wild Bunch

I was at an art show in Toronto called the OPTIC ELIXER II: Art Show and Party. I decided to portray my experience of the exhibit in a work of art. These are my friends. I’m in the third reel. First reel: Matt. His mouth is an infinite abyss and the last picture looks like a whale cut in half (his words). Second reel: Pauline. She has nice eyes. Third reel: Me. Homer Simpson circa Mr. Sparkle… Mistah Spakluh! Fourth reel: Tony. Think of the first appearance of Heath Ledger’s Joker. The lips.

Ashish Seth

“The longer you wait, the harder it gets.”