August 24, Stakeout


By Ashish Seth

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August 14, Night Call

They called. So we went. And no one showed up and so we left. Simple. Easy. Fast. Cautious. Always kept an eye out. Kept two. Always. And I asked father why they wanted us to check the house. And he said he didn’t know and I asked why he didn’t ask them and he said “You’re gonna get nowhere if you always have to explain yourself to other people.”

Made sense… made sense.

By Ashish Seth

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April 25, The Wuf [Soundtrack]

The Wuf: A Soundtrack to an Unmade Movie
Directed by Ashish Seth

Tell a story with ten songs.

Genre: Spaghetti Western

Plot: In the midst of American Western Expansion, a young Algonquin man sees his people cheated, robbed and killed. In response, he becomes a masked vigilante and hunts down any who encroach his people’s lands. Using brutal methods passed down by the ancestors, he becomes a legend known to all as the Wuf, a symbol of hope and fear. As his legend and notoriety grows, a former sheriff gets together four cowboys and a playwright in order to write and perform a play about the Wuf in the new establishment of Elsmire, Illinois, his goal, to lure the Wuf into town and bring him to justice for the murder of his wife and children.

Soundtrack Playlist <– Click here to listen.

1. A Tribe Called Red – electric pow wow drum
2. Blur – Caravan
3. Portishead – Cowboys
4. Gonjasufi – Ancestors
5. Jose Gonzalez – Far Away
6. Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit
7. Tricky – Keep Your Mouth Shut
8. Eskmo – Cloudlight
9. Burial – Forgive
10. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Revenge (feat. The Flaming Lips)

By Ashish Seth

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March 15, In the Halls of the Spider


This dude lives under my desk. He’s actually small. Photo adds ten pounds. In exchange for not killing him, we negotiated a photo deal. Check the pose. He didn’t want his face seen, hence the blur.

By Ashish Seth

“I’m loving the weather but I can’t help but wonder what the polar bears are going through.” – on the current weather in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. Abnormal for March.