Jan 3, Chicago in the Air

Chicago in the Air


A photograph of Chicago from the window seat of an Air Canada Express plane en route to Toronto. Before this photo, I had a better view but the stewardess had asked us to turn our phones off before lift off. When I realized the view outside my window, I pulled my phone out and turned it on and the longer it took to turn on, the further away the city got from my view. This photo is what I managed. But let me tell you, it was 10x more beautiful when I was directly above the whole peninsula.

If you look closely, on the bottom right, where the lights get dimmer and sparser, where the darkness almost blends into the lake, in that splotch stand the tall buildings of downtown Chicago. As we drew further, the plane was shaking in the rough winds of the air, almost as if the beauty of the city was trying to attract us back to it, a gravitational pull founded solely on the aesthetic and majestic allure of the city.


– AS



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