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April 11, Oh Well 1.1


This week’s playlist is called “Oh Well”. It’s made up of new and old artists, mixing genres, blending sounds, brought together with a chill lounge vibe, all coalescing together to give off the impression… Better luck next time. 

This is accompanied by a poem titled “Oh Well”. 

Click here for this week’s playlist. Oh Well 1.1

Oh Well By: Ashish Seth

A broken umbrella in a monsoon drizzle 

Cold coffee and a bowl of soggy cereal

Oh well

Rain dumping buckets of double entendres on your head

A forced feeling of surprise to get a reaction from a friend

Oh well

The highlight of the day a vague sigh in a bed 

That report was nothing to brag about but you milked it anyway

Oh well

Single serving quotes on Instagram posts 

Cars broken down with the motors still running 

And single serving K cups of caffeine jolts 

Sped up sirens and sleepless nights hoping

You never really had a chance

Oh well

The chances had you is the story you tell

Oh well

Oh well

Oh well
Ashish Seth

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August 14, Night Call

They called. So we went. And no one showed up and so we left. Simple. Easy. Fast. Cautious. Always kept an eye out. Kept two. Always. And I asked father why they wanted us to check the house. And he said he didn’t know and I asked why he didn’t ask them and he said “You’re gonna get nowhere if you always have to explain yourself to other people.”

Made sense… made sense.

By Ashish Seth

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August 5, Night Shift

It was all messsssssed up
All over the floor
The way they looked at me

I did something
And I didn’t have to do it
I did something I didn’t have to do
Did something, didn’t have to do it
Did it anyway
Did I want to?
Didn’t want to?
Did it
I did
All over
It was all over
Nails digging in the back of my neck
Watch for cracks on the sidewalk
But it all made sense
Even with no circumstance

Could’ve just walked away
Made my escape
I wanted this?
Did something, I didn’t have to but did
I did it anyway
It was all messsssssed up
But I fixed it
Felt like breaking

Now I look at my portrait
And I wait for me
To come back the same way
Holed socks in a cabinet
Frozen ice over faces
Cold water reaches from the bottom of the lake

By Ashish Seth