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July 31, Scatter Plot


Wherever we have to go we don’t want to go.
Wherever we want to go we aren’t welcome.
Wherever we end up we work to accept.
Wherever we are we never want to leave again.
Lost paradigms lie in sweet nostalgia.
We put in the work and the time.
We never miss the bad parts whenever we think back.
We always live the bad parts whenever we go back again.
Your posterity lacks good posture.
You’ve been down this road before.
Do you ever think the gravel will turn to paved road?
You’re like that scatter plot graph
Where the curvy line never reaches a point.
The closer you get, the older you get.
There’s no end to this trek but death.
But maybe we aren’t meant to reach a point.
Maybe there really is no end to this road.
If we believe the end isn’t meant to be reached,
We will always have a place to go.

By Ashish Seth


July 25, Setting


By Ashish Seth

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April 22, Untouchables


We flock to McDonalds and Starbucks locations to siphon wifi. I look at the Chicago street outside. Back in the twenties, the gangsters were probably doing drivebys. Now we sit in Starbucks, listening to Indie rock and sipping chai.

Gangster stories are first and foremost archetypal stories of power that cut deep to the inner trenches of human nature. That’s what makes them so compelling, that’s what makes them fables.

Power, legacy, corruption, decay… all monuments to future generations…


Spotted Michael Shannon of Boardwalk Empire at the Art Institute of Chicago.

By Ashish Seth