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August 9, Side A


Rum Runners took this road South to the border.
Wheels of trucks passed through, chocked full of soldiers.
Band wagoners jumped off trains to escape the draft.
Shady men smoked weed under street lights and shared a drag.
The Prime Minister drove past this road once and did not remember.
The whole community gathered to follow a hearse in mid-September.
Whites pelted tomatoes when a store was bought by Negros.
They offered cheap goods and after a while no one complained.
Plans to build a college failed because of the city.
Janey kissed a girl and then married into money.
A once drunk man found Jesus on a stop sign.
He tried to warn the people but no one had the time.
Rain swept slippery where the Honda slammed the Chevy.
Flowers and a sign that said “You’ll never be forgotten, Janey.”
They still come to put them under the only street light that flickers.
Make sure the flowers are replaced before they wither.
Low res photos to show a plain street at night.
Repaved cracks like scars tell a story trying to hide.

Rain soaked streets illuminated by an evening sun about to go down.
Humidity that pulls at the unwashed hair on your head and eyebrows.
Everything feels stiff and dirty.
Everything seems to bite.
It is in this moment that we’re truly aware of our age.
Tired and lazy and weary, waiting for the day to turn to dusk.

By Ashish Seth

Photography Quotes Writing

July 11, Morning Star


The morning star through a chain mesh window after a sleepless night makes the lack of sleep seem worth it. I saw the sky at the end of the horizon begin to glow blue and then red as the sun peaked its head out. Some of the houses facing in my direction from the window, away from the horizon, were still shrouded in the withering night. But where the morning star hung, the sky around it was already pierced a sickly dark blue, disturbing the eerie ghostly veil of the night sky with the optimism of a new day.

By Ashish Seth

Photography Quotes Writing

May 9, Meeting Places


It gets cloudy as the day gets difficult. We always have the night.

By Ashish Seth