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July 14, Neon Nights


Everything I ever wanted was a vague concept I was following with so many notions stretched out like a starry night. For most of my life I couldn’t pinpoint the process but now it is the smile on someone’s face. Somebody tell me the science behind this transmutation. Maybe one day things will work out and we will all be fulfilled but right now we are lone figures sitting at bar pubs drinking hard. It’s night out and we hear crooners and moans against fingerplucked guitars better suited around fires. Under the lamplight outside the bar door, my shadow reflects dim and small on the cement platform.

It’s nights like these that become us. We look at full moons and ask ourselves why our most foolish plans come from the heart? Honest hearts sit cross legged on jagged rocks and stare out into the abyss of the ocean, the horizon a blurry line in the dark of the night. Side by side, a head on my shoulder, hands holding each other. A shiver. Huddle closer. I’m tired of the face I make on late mornings and early nights. If all the light pollution in the sky cleaned up for just a moment you’d see that the weight on my heart spawned galaxies.

By Ashish Seth


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