You wake up at six. You go to the bathroom, piss, brush, drink some water. You go to the computer and for the next hour, you go to a website where you keep clicking “search” to see if there are any jobs available. You click search and it says “No jobs available”. You click search again to refresh the page and it gets pissed off at you and delays your next search by a timer of 11 seconds, 20 if it’s really pissed or if the server is over clogged. Meanwhile you put the phone beside you, waiting for the “On-call”, with the ringer low enough so you don’t wake anybody. While you wait you inevitably surf the web. You type low on the keyboard if it makes too much noise. You sit in the dark as too much light will eventually wake you up but the computer monitor is bright enough so by the time it’s 7:00 AM and you have no job, you’re fully awake when its time to go back to sleep.

Ashish Seth


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