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July 21, The Surface


I’m just gonna dwell on my love while you dwell on my problems, need a soft quiet place to dwell, from the spells and the metropolis hell, dwelling on my love in this well of opportunities and hopes, make me forget about my fears and hatreds, can’t dwell on them. No, no longer, no more, can’t dwell on my problems ‘cause dwelling on my problems means dwelling in a hell, a hell I’ve dwelt in for most of my life. No, I like this well, this alcove, this cave opening by the sea, with seagulls coming in and out to greet me and see the sea, salty. Delicious. I’m gonna sit here and dwell on my love and she doesn’t have to dwell on me. Let us find a nice quiet place to dwell.

By Ashish Seth

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May 17, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I got this feeling today while I was waiting in my car and looking up at the sun. I’ve felt this feeling before at different times. I don’t know what it is. Here’s my attempt at describing it. I wrote it to this song.

Like waves in a stream
Like fizz in sodapop
Like bubbles in a bath
Like an iced lime latte
Like froth on a milkshake
Like all green lights ahead
Like not having to get out of bed
Like every person you’ve liked
Like every path you’ve ever biked
Like going down a sloped path
Like finishing a final exam
Like a late night drive
Like not having to hide
Like forgetting what hurts
Like a feeling of self-worth
Like dissipation
Like an act of creation
Like confusion turns to clarity
Like the amusement of idiocy
A momentary lapse in foolishness
Like a place where odds don’t exist
Like the same song over and over
Like an arm around your shoulder
Like days you’d just live over
Like your best friends come over
Like Donkey Kong on Super Nintendo
Like a two-hour extended episode
Like things aren’t yet over
Like feeling this is ‘sober’
Like the start of a sleepover
Like sexual innuendo
Like a Friday at closing time
Like hearing the bell for the last time
Like meeting someone interesting
Like seeing the food approaching
Like taking the first bite
Like writing the last line
Like love on poetry
Like dancing in the streets
Like the destination you’ve reached
Like where two points meet

Like the first chord you played
Like your first taste of lemonade
Like building up a deck of cards
Like walking the block with your only dog
Like whispering into your loved ones ear
Like wishing the end was not so near – Matt Rulli

Like turning regret into a youthful eye – Claire Luxenburg

Exceeding the limits of your imagination
Being the child tucked in bed
Dreaming of the world with fascination
Having that first touch
And the need for a kiss
A breeze grazing the sweat off my forehead
Water as still as ice reflecting the sunset – Lucianna See

Like a rhyme on every line
Like you’re finally getting some signs
Like your first time on rewind
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind…

Writers and passing bystanders, if you know this feeling I’m trying to describe, I oblige you to contribute a few lines of verse. I shall add your lines above and credit you.

Ashish Seth

“Never tell me the odds.” – Ashis-, no no, Han Solo

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May 15, Rules


Don’t judge a book by its movie. – J.W. Eagan

By Ashish Seth

Photography Poetry Quotes Writing

May 7, On Melancholy Web


Set to Gorillaz “On Melancholy Hill”

Sometimes you can’t get what you want.
You have to keep a rein on your heart.
It was all bound to fall apart with all those band aids holding the parts.
You could hear the gears shuffle, like tools, shook, in a box.
But better to have ran the track than stalled right before the start.
Lots of fish in the sea, was it strange that THIS one FLEW off?
Don’t think a lot my brother.
Sometimes you just can’t get what you want.

Only marry if you’re in love.

By Ashish Seth