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August 3, Chocolate Pacman [Plot lines and Quick Synopses]


This morning, I decided to write up one sentence plot lines to ridiculous stories. Some of them I may actually write. I found this an interesting exercise in concision. It’ll help when I get to my elevator pitch for my first novel. I find if you write a one sentence plot line for your novel, it helps you get excited about the prospect of writing it. Here are my exploits:

A mob boss, trying to connect with his son, goes to his Grade 5 career day class and has to explain to them what he does for a living. He stays vague and discreet but lets slip a crucial piece of information that keeps the kids talking. They gossip about him on Facebook and the information spreads like wildfire. Eventually it reaches the ears of a rival mobster who puts a price on his head.

A hitman discovers a victim’s wardrobe and has a makeover that changes his life.

A man with a broken heart falls for a closeted bisexual woman. She falls for him. They get engaged. Everything’s dandy. Then he introduces her to his ex-wife, who left him because she came out of the closet as a Lesbian. The bi-sexual falls for the ex-wife who reciprocates. For the first time she sees a chance to come out of the closet. But will she do it at the expense of his already tortured heart?

The evil Terrormite seeks to flood Queen City. When good men will do nothing, a hero will carry twice his weight to save the people he loves. He is Ant Man.

“The National Anthem”. The tale of a love song that united the world. And the band that hated itself for writing it.

A cop. An ex military soldier. A Black Ops sniper. A mob doctor. A drug cartel enforcer. A serial killer… And a baby.

A couple, dangerously in love, suffer a serious case of amnesia after a car accident. Not knowing who they were and not used to this lack of love, they become each others nemeses in a plot to suck up all the love in the world.

A writer discovers a cube that sucks creativity from other writers and cures him of his writer’s block. At first he questions the moral implications of using this device. Are these ideas he gets after using the device really his? Is it really fair to feel better off of someone else’s misery? Out of desperation, he starts to use the device on writers who he deems unworthy of having what they have. Eventually things get out of hand. Even with all that creativity, he still can’t reach the measure of success he wants. He becomes jealous of his girlfriend’s success and fears she’ll leave him if she surpasses him. He uses the device on her. This puts her in a state of depressed vulnerability and keeps her from leaving, but at the cost of happiness. How far are you willing to go for your passions? Are you willing to hurt those you love?

By Ashish Seth

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June 13, Empty Parking Lots


Nature makes no straight lines.

By Ashish Seth