Jody Aberdeen, Author and Ghostwriter

In life as in writing, demonstration is more powerful than description.  Show, don’t tell.

In writing, the technique is simple to understand in general, somewhat harder to apply in specific situations.  What is “show, don’t tell?”

 It’s two knuckleheads from the Lower East Side talking about 9/11 as they would to each other in a heavy “Nu-Yawwwk” accent, instead of you writing a short essay on 9/11 in language more appropriate for your first year Poli-Sci lecture, and then throwing that into your first chapter.

It’s having your protagonist sneer at his rival and having your reader get that these guys are enemies, all done without the use of the adverb (“He sneered angrily at Philip”) or a redundancy (oddly enough, “He sneered angrily at Philip”, the redundancy being that when one sneers, the anger is implied in the definition of the word itself). 

It’s having your fictional composite of Steve Nash or…

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